Corporate Governance

What is Corporate Governance?
Corporate Governance is the system by which businesses and corporations are directed and controlled, and the way in which directors and officers handle their responsibilities toward shareholders.

Accountability, integrity, and transparency form the cornerstone of Corporate Governance at Progressive. We are committed to increasing the Company's value and retaining the trust of investors.

Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Procedures to Contact the Board
Procedures for Security Holders to Contact the Board of Directors
Procedures to Contact Non-Management Directors
Procedures for Shareholders to Propose Candidates for Directors
Complaint Procedures
The following procedures have been outlined for individuals or other parties who wish to file a complaint about Progressive. We take complaints very seriously, and your remarks will be addressed in a proper and timely manner.
Procedures for Handling Complaints Regarding Accounting, Internal Control, and Auditing Matters
Procedures for Handling Complaints Regarding Claims Handling or Other Claims-Related Issues
Federal Securities Law Whistleblower Protections
Other Important Documents
The Progressive Corporation Policy Statement on Political Contributions, Trade Groups, and Lobbying
2017 Report on Involvement in Public Policy
Investor Relations Policy
Safe Harbor Provision

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