Corporate and Other Executive Officers

Corporate Officers

Tricia Griffith

Born: 10/1964
President and Chief Executive Officer

John P. Sauerland

Born: 7/1964
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey W. Basch

Born: 5/1958
Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Patrick S. Brennan

Born: 2/1975

Lawton  W. Fitt

Born: 7/1953
Chairperson of the Board

Mariann Wojtkun Marshall

Born: 3/1962
Assistant Secretary

Daniel P. Mascaro

Born: 3/1963
Vice President, Secretary, and Chief Legal Officer

Other Executive Officers

John A. Barbagallo

Born: 9/1959
Commercial Lines President

Steven A. Broz

Born: 3/1970
Chief Information Officer

Patrick K. Callahan

Born: 5/1970
Personal Lines President

M. Jeffrey Charney

Born: 4/1959
Chief Marketing Officer

William M. Cody

Born: 6/1962
Chief Investment Officer

John Murphy

Born: 5/1969
Customer Relationship Management President

Lori Niederst

Born: 6/1973
Chief Human Resource Officer

Andrew J. Quigg

Born: 10/1979
Chief Strategy Officer

Michael D. Sieger

Born: 6/1961
Claims President

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